This year, our Core Values section will consist of:

  • Pac-Senic
  • Website
  • Core-Values Poster
  • CorCards


Pac-senic is our video game that where we combined the original game of Pac-man with our project idea, that is based on arsenic. Basically, the ghosts are supposed to mocking the arsenic, Mrs. Pac-man is supposed to be our spectrometer, which is our solution to our problem, and the power pellets are acting as water droplets.

Core-Values Poster

Our Core-Values Poster is based on seeing how you can demonstrate and write down an example of one of the existing core-values in FLL. Contestants from each team can come over anytime they want, and write anywhere they want on the poster.


CorCards were like our last year’s CorEmoji’s. We give them out to people and it has a Core value on the back. We tried to simulate it back to something like Baseball cards too. Contestants can show their teammates or other contestants what card they got and see what card the other person got too.

We also participated in the United States Patent and Trademark Office build event, where we built mission models for the tournaments that are going to take place starting in November.

If you have any questions… please type them in the comments section!