Our Hydrodynamics season is here and we are ready to roll with our robot on the mat (see what I did there?)! We are planning to do our same attachment ideas as last season (our quick attachments) in the 2017 Hydrodynamics season. Our robot name is BAS3 3. This year, we are using a different approach in finishing models. We are using one base on our robot to have two arms on our attachments that keep rotating back and forth with different hooks attachedĀ  in the bottom to complete the missions.The arms are our main game plan attachments. We also have taken advantage of the wall by using it to stabilize our robot, at the same time using our gyro sensor.

We are also still using EV3 for our programming unit.

Say we have an error in one of our programs, which we always do. What do we do? We don’t say “Oh well. It didn’t work. Let’s trash that program and act like It is the end of the world.”. No. We go step by step, block by block. Why you ask? We do this because it would be very hard to find the block that is making the program wrong if it is all in one form. If we split each block up, we know which blocks are doing there jobs and which blocks are causing the program to malfunction. It is very time consuming, but accuracy is better than rushing and getting it wrong again. That is why you never guess. Ever.

Run 1: Water treatment, Fountain, Pipe Removal, Pipe Replacement, Slingshot, Tripod, and the Faucet.

Run 2: Flow, Pump Addition, Rain, and Filter

Run 3: Sludge, Water Well, Water Collection, Flower, and Pipe construction


So, this year in Hydrodynamics, our goal is to get over 300, points. After many struggles with our robot, BAS3 3, our runs our looking better than ever. If all goes well, we will get 335 points. Our biggest challenge this season has been to finish all of our runs in under the 150 second time limit. Speaking of our runs, or launches, here are all of the ones we have created and their points, points per second, and time:

Run 1: Water treatment, Fountain, Pipe Removal, Pipe Replacement, Slingshot, Tripod, Faucet.

— Time: 60 seconds — Points: 140 — Points per Second: 2.333…


Run 2: Flow, Pump Addition, Rain, and Filter.

— Time: 17 seconds — Points: 95 — Points per Second: 5.6


Run 3: Sludge, Pipe Replacement, Pipe Construction, Flower.

— Time: 70 seconds — Points: 100 — Points per Second: 1.4


From our Regional Competition, our high score was 260 points!

From our State Competition, our high score was only 170 points.