This season, for our Core Values, we did the following:

  • Visited the Build Day at the USPTO
  • US Science and Engineering Festival
  • Mentored team Violet Blast
  • Made our Video Game “Pacman Into Orbit”
  • Website
  • Core-Values Poster
  • Watched the LEGO Movie 2
  • Went Skiing

Pacman Into Orbit

Our video game Pacman Into Orbit is to teach others about our project in a fun, competitive way. The power pellets are now shields representing our magnetic forcefield around our base/astronaut on Mars. The ghosts are radiation and you do not want radiation to get to your astronaut otherwise he can have a higher risk of cancer, and exposure to high levels of radiation can be fatal and lead to death.


Our website (what you’re reading on right now) is meant to be a place where we explain our ideas, show our fun as a team in Core Values, and tells information about the history and evolution of the LEGOnauts team throughout the years.

Core-Values Poster

Our Core Values poster shows and demonstrates what we do in and out of FLL following all the Core Values. It also gives an overview of our team and other teams we helped out.