This year, our robot was changed up a little bit. We still have Stinger, but we now have the Purple Dude 5.0! We still use our quick attachments so we reduce the amount of time spent inside the base setting up different attachments, and we square to walls to have more accurate turns. We also are sticking to our two types of attachments; motorized and passive attachments. We have rack arms to be able to stretch across the map. This is helpful because we can now complete more missions in a smaller amount of runs, making time more conserved and better consumed.

For our programming, we still use the software called EV3. In our code, we had lots of trial and error in our code. Once we figured that there was a bug in our program, we would take the whole program apart, and piece it back like a puzzle and see what block in our program isn’t cooperating with the rest. This makes our runs more reliable and decreases the chances of the runs going wacko. We also have blocks on the side of our code that tells us what each line of code will do. since we do so many in one run. Every time we start a new mission, we use a new line of code since we do so many in one run. This helps us know what block of code or what line of code is doing what, which motor moves which direction at what time in the code.

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Green Machine: Space Travel, Solar Panel Array, Extraction – 90 points

White Hammer: Observatory, Escape Velocity, Space Module (Cone Module) – 60 points

Black Magic: Space Walk Emergency, Space Station Module (Tube Module) – 38 points

Red Dragon: 3D Printing, Strength Exercise, Aerobic Exercise, Crater Crossing, Food Production, Satellite Orbits (2) – 104 points