This season, in Animal Allies, our team has been working with and mentoring with team Violet Blast. A first year team in FLL, but they are familiar and have experience with participating in Jr. FLL.


Our Project: This year in FLL, we are focusing on bees. We have found the topic/animal very interesting. Since the goal of animal allies is to improve your relationship with an animal, we created a product called Varroa-Bee-Gone. Its purpose is to rid the bees of a deadly mite called the Varroa mite. The bees overall are dying to CCD (colony collapse disorder), and Varroa mites just happen to be one of the main causes of it. The purpose of Varroa-Bee-Gone is to lower the pH of the bee hives because the Varroa mites don’t like acidic environments.

Our Robot: This season, in the robot game, we have been using the robot stinger to achieve our goal of 200 points. This year that is actually a lot of points to get even though the most number of points you can get is 439. Compared to last year, the missions are generally harder, so our team has come up with new and innovative ways to complete the missions. in our regional tournament, the highest points we achieved was 129, getting us the “robot performance” award and is making us aim high for our state tournament.

To find out more about our project and our product, click here.

To find out more about our robot game please, click here.