In our programs, we use mostly “My Blocks” to make our runs easier. The My Blocks enable the ability o make your own blocks that you would want to do to the robot. We used the main My Blocks- Line Follow and Square To A Line. We also made each of our runs into My Blocks so we don’t have to redo or copy and paste the whole program. My Blocks also make programming more compact and takes up less space. To recognize a My Block, It has a light blue tab on the top of the block.

In our programs, we have different lines for each turn, sensor motion, and rotation moving. Each different action would have it’s own line of EV3 code so we could see which line in the program would have the bug. In case you don’t know what a bug is, it is the code language for error. Anyways, in the beginning of each line of code in the code, we would have a blue block that we would type what the line of code that was following it behind would do to the overall program.

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