During the 2015 Trash Trek season, we did great.. .and awesome!

These were the topics that are involved in doing FLL. There is one special award. It’s called the Champions Award. The Champions Award is an award that represents that this specific team that the judges chose mastered in all the subjects.

Anyways, Trash Trek was all about a better way to recycle. Our solution was to make a commercial, put posters in our elementary school when we were still in elementary school. We also purchased two blue recycling bins in our cafeteria.

In our commercial, we had three people that didn’t recycle. We have someone named Captain Recycle and Captain Recycle was the person that taught the non-recycling humans to recycling humans.

Project:  Our project was to come up with a way to get recyclables separated from the trash at Newton-Lee elementary school.  We did the research, and we found out that, according to the EPA,  24.7% of all things thrown away in the U.S. is recyclable.  We went in and collected research about our schools trash, and found that out of the XX lbs. of trash (on average per trash can) there were approximately 25.8 lbs. of recyclables that were thrown away.  In result, our team came up with the solution to get recycling bins for the school. The only problem was, we didn’t know how many recycling bins we would need.


RobotGame:  “Robo-Bubbles”  1st place winning run!